The e-INFRA CZ Conference 2024, held in Prague at the end of April, brought together an assembly of researchers, academics, and experts interested in enhancing the Czech Republic’s research infrastructure. This annual event, known for spotlighting the latest trends and innovations in the environment providing complex capacities and resources for the transmission, storage and processing of scientific data to all entities engaged in research and development, continues to serve as a pivotal platform for discussing advancements and fostering collaborations across various scientific disciplines.

This year’s conference focused on the present e-INFRA CZ infrastructure, its services, and research activities. The conference featured several talks, best practices and a panel discussion that summarised the challenges and opportunities within the digital infrastructure landscape. It also introduced the latest news and outlined the plans. The programme offered not only sessions dedicated to networks, data, and computing but also to the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud in the Czech Republic and the roadmap for e-INFRA CZ.

One of the highlights of the conference was a talk given by Martin Golasowski from the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center. His presentation on “HPC-as-a-Service and distributed data management” outlined achievements of the LEXIS Platform in leveraging advanced computing and data management technologies to enhance computational and data-driven research across Europe. In his talk, he presented the objectives of the EXA4MIND project and a planned extension of the data staging capabilities of the LEXIS Platform. He also provided a live demonstration of a containerised AI workflow orchestrated by LEXIS running on IT4Innovations’ supercomputers. The users of the national e-infrastructure come from various scientific fields handling large data and complex computations and may benefit from the project results in the future.

This two-day event helped its attendees to dive deep into the e-INFRA CZ infrastructure, showcasing its services, international collaborations, and research. The conference not only provided a forum for sharing knowledge and best practices but also strengthened the community’s resolve to pursue a future where digital and computational resources are more interconnected and universally accessible.

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