Involving top talent from prestigious universities and research centres, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry, ten partners from six countries have joined forces to make EXA4MIND a reality and create a unique Extreme Data platform by 2026. With the series “Faces of EXA4MIND” we want to introduce the people who contribute to to achieving our ambitious goal: Building a platform for extreme data that enables advanced data analytics on supercomputers and automated data management with support for integration by design with EOSC and European data spaces.

Today we present Arantxa Echarte from AUSTRALO and the outreach, exploitation & collaboration leader of EXA4MIND. “I am the Work Package 7 leader. This work package addresses communication, exploitation and collaboration. As part of this work package I lead the organisation of the stakeholder collaboration framework, the dissemination and communication plan, I support innovation management, exploitation and sustainability, and standardisation.”

When asked what makes this project special, she is clear about it: “EXA4MIND aims to democratise access to Extreme Data for SMEs and industrial ecosystem. The project will be a stepping stone in the path to next-generation data processing, paving the way to a new reality where handling ever growing amounts of data is possible.”

Watch the full interview with Arantxa Echarte here and below.