Involving top talent from prestigious universities and research centres, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry, ten partners from six countries have joined forces to make EXA4MIND a reality and create a unique Extreme Data platform by 2026. With the series “Faces of EXA4MIND” we want to introduce the people who contribute to to achieving our ambitious goal: Building a platform for extreme data that enables advanced data analytics on supercomputers and automated data management with support for integration by design with EOSC and European data spaces.

Today we present Mohamad Hayek from the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) and data management researcher of EXA4MIND. In EXA4MIND I am leading the WP2 which is about Distributed Data Space Management. In this work  package, I am leading the effort on constructing the IT framework of the Extreme Data Database.

“The advancement of application cases that use databases for e.g AI applications, led to the need of advanced storage and computing resources mostly available at supercomputing centres. At the same time, supercomputing centres lack a concrete solution for the use of database management systems on their systems. What makes EXA4MIND special and what will generate a positive impact, is our attempt to fill that gap by providing a database management solution that integrates well with these advanced systems,” he explains when asked about what is the EXA4MIND differentiator.

Watch the full interview with Mohamad Hayek here and below.