The HiPEAC conference was held in Munich from January 17 to January 19, 2024. As a leading European event, it gathered experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers, and operating systems applicable to general-purpose, embedded, and cyber-physical systems. The conference featured 74 sessions, including the 2nd workshop on projects cross-synergy in advancing exascale platforms and quantum computing (CONCERTO).

The workshop was designed to promote discussions between academic researchers and industrial companies engaged in various European projects. It aimed to emphasize the unique characteristics of these projects and foster collaborative efforts, which are essential for developing next-generation exascale platforms. Looking ahead to the new European petascale, pre-exascale systems, and the forthcoming exascale supercomputers, the workshop offered a unique platform to share ideas and outcomes. This included discussions on incorporating cutting-edge heterogeneous hardware solutions like quantum computing and neuromorphic devices, specific software components and frameworks, and adapting large and complex application workflows for these advanced systems.

The senior researcher Martin Golasowski from IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center joined the workshop and presented the LEXIS Platform, its architecture and its use in various European projects, including the EXA4MIND project.

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