Involving top talent from prestigious universities and research centres, small and medium-sized enterprises and industry, ten partners from six countries have joined forces to make EXA4MIND a reality and create a unique Extreme Data platform by 2026. With the series ‘Faces of EXA4MIND’ we want to introduce the people who contribute to achieving our ambitious goal: Building a platform for extreme data that enables advanced data analytics on supercomputers and automated data management with support for integration by design with EOSC and European data spaces.

Today we present Stephan Hachinger from Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), and the science and co-design Coordinator of EXA4MIND. ‘I am trying to give the design process for all our technical systems a good direction in communication with our application case partners, and also I’m giving the research of the project and the outputs in that sense a direction’, he explains when asked about his role within the project.

When asked what EXA4MIND hopes to achieve in the short and medium term, he states: ‘We have a quite clear vision for where we want to be in two and a half years: we will enable our application case partners to execute high-performance extreme data workflows on the best processing and data systems that are available’. 

Watch the full interview with Stephan Hachinger below.