TerraviewOS– winner of Gravity05 global sustainability challenge

TerraviewOS, the SaaS platform from Terraview GmbH, proudly announces being the winning solution for managing soil moisture using remote Earth observation data as part of Gravity 05 global space and sustainability challenge managed by Deloitte. As part of the challenge, the team worked with Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) and created a proof-of-concept (PoC) using historical sensor data and an ML model which combined low Earth orbite satellite data with an accuracy of 1.5% error margin. The PoC was done over a vineyard of size 80HA and using historical sensor data from the fields of the past 3 years (Oct 2020 – Feb 2023).

Terraview’s innovation team created a Virtual Moisture Probe (VMP) and used the models to check the correlation between data from our VMP and the actual reported data from the ground IoT sensor. Post-award, TerraviewOS will expand the solution to cover the entire vineyard portfolio for TWE and help conserve precious water resources for the group.

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