EXA4MIND participates in the Get-to-know introductory workshop by BDVA/DSSC

On 23 Feburary, Jan Martinovič and Stephan Hachinger presented EXA4MIND at the “Get-to-know introductory workshop and welcome day to HE Data projects (WP2021-22)” by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) as part of the European Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC). The meeting brought together representatives from 26 new projects in Horizon Europe Cluster 4 – Destination 3, as well as colleagues from BDVA and the new Data Spaces Support Centre.

 “Connecting to the European Data Spaces with our Extreme Data project and collaborating with other European consortia in this topical area is extremely important to us,” says Stephan Hachinger from BADW-LRZ Garching, Science and Co-Design Coordinator of EXA4MIND. “Our mission to create an Extreme Data Database – our project’s ecosystem – and connect it to the highest-performance computing clusters of European Supercomputing centres will push us a leap forward in data analytics efficiency. With application cases from the automotive industry, molecular dynamics, smart viticulture and public health, we will make scientists, industry and SMEs profit from our technology.”

In all this, we keep in mind that analytics machinery is nothing without the right input data, and without getting valuable outputs to stakeholders throughout Europe. This is where European Data Spaces and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) come in. EXA4MIND will interface with the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure through integration with the LEXIS workflow and data platform. Through EUDAT, EXA4MIND will thus have a “native interface” to the European Open Science Cloud data ecosystem, providing FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) research data from databases. “However, there is another important challenge we will tackle with EXA4MIND,” says Stephan Hachinger. “We will connect to topic-oriented European Data Spaces beyond the EOSC, e.g. for agriculture and manufacturing. Ensuring efficient data integration between European High-Performance Computing centres and European Data Spaces will be one of our top collaborative topics for EXA4MIND and the coming years in general. With BDVA and DSSC we are very happy to have the optimum partners to make this vision reality.”

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