What do partners expect from the EXA4MIND project?

The success of EXA4MIND lies in teamwork. EXA4MIND is a 36-month EU-funded initiative that will bring together an interdisciplinary team of field-leading experts from universities, research centres, SMEs, and the industrial sector to make Big Data from heterogeneous storage systems and database management systems available in a uniform way for processing on European pre-exascale supercomputers, the cloud, and AI-processing systems.

What does each partner expect from the project?

IT4Innovations (Coordinating team): We are excited about the EXA4MIND project that aims to advance the problem of handling an extreme amount of data. As a supercomputing centre, we know very well what our users need, and EXA4MIND shall provide solutions to some of their most challenging problems. We look forward to working with project partners to develop an extreme data management system with support for high-performance computing (HPC) data centres and state-of-the-art machine learning queries.

IT4Innovations (Modeling for nanotechnologies lab): By combining expertise in biomolecular simulations, extreme data storage, high-performance data analysis, high-performance computing, and software development, we aim to upgrade analyses of molecular dynamics simulations to the next level. The developed system will enable the analysis of large sets of molecular dynamic simulations and facilitate the advancement of new approaches for studying the dynamics of biomolecules, particularly nucleic acids. This platform will also provide support for computer-assisted force field development. The newly designed workflows and tools will speed up the development of more reliable force fields for bio-macromolecular simulations, enhancing their predictive potential.

BADW-LRZ: We expect from EXA4MIND specifically what constitutes its core IT parts: interfacing high-performance database management systems with supercomputing and with European data ecosystems, with the possibility of automated workflows. We hope that this will create lots of new possibilities for our users, in particular also for our exciting pilot cases, now and in the long term.

METU: As participants from METU, we hope that EXA4MIND project will make HPC systems easily accessible for data management and analytics to researchers from different areas. We believe that on the long run, facilitating extreme data processing on HPC will open the gates for new innovations.

EURAXENT: As a consultancy business, EURAXENT supports European companies and organisations in their strategic development and in their digital transformation. As such, EXA4MIND is a clear opportunity for EURAXENT to develop its business by helping these organisations build new tools for renewed strategies based on Extreme Data Analytics, where a near real-time ability to act is key for international competition.

Altrnativ: As a technological partner, Altrnativ is proud to participate in EXA4MIND and bring its expertise in data transformation to its partnership with the consortium to help industries easily manage extreme data. Thanks to the expertise of all partners, we will be able to create an Extreme Data platform to handle any kind of data. To showcase the potential use cases, Altrnativ will demonstrate its application in secure health data mining.

CIIRC CTU: We at CTU in Prague have high expectations of the EXA4MIND project and the cutting-edge AI models we can develop. Our focus on large-scale models will allow us to tackle complex problems that were previously difficult to solve. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to work with data from autonomous driving, which presents a unique set of challenges that can only be addressed with advanced machine-learning techniques. In particular, we are targeting learning with a limited amount of manual annotations, which reduces the need for extensive human labelling of data. By leveraging our expertise and collaborating with other partners, particularly Valeo, that will provide data and in-domain expertise, we have an opportunity to impact applications in autonomous driving significantly.

Terraview: Terraview’s goal is to create a global impact through sustainability in agriculture. With EXA4MIND, the sensorless soil moisture profiler service will be validated at scale and be prepared for a global launch powered by Extreme Data Database using resources provided by IT4Innovations and LRZ.

Valeo:  As an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide, being able to work with the supercomputers and the advanced machine learning methods that the EXA4MIND project offers, we expect to improve in accuracy by identifying patterns and relationships in large datasets, in processing speed leading to faster development of solutions, and in predictive capabilities leading to better decision-making.

Australo: Australo is delighted to be working in EXA4MIND with such an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts from a range of fields and disciplines. Through our dissemination and communication activity, we will articulate the project development and findings in order to accelerate the long-term impact of the project. We are excited to be part of this innovative digital, sustainable and human-centric paradigm shift.

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